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Our work over the past few weeks

In the past few weeks, ACHK has launched various campaigns on these areas:

  1. National Security Law and Canada’s Extradition Treaty with Hong Kong
  2. Resettlement Program for Hong Kongers
  3. Invoking Magnitsky Sanctions against PRC & Hong Kong Officials
  4. Building communities’ solidarity, skills sharing, and briefing government and political leaders

National Security Law & Canada’s Extradition treaty with Hong Kong

Got lots of coverage in national and regional media!

  • (June 30) Joint Statement with 19 groups on National Security Law and a call to the Canadian Government to revoke Hong Kong’s special administrative status and to end Canada’s extradition treaty
  • (June 30) Launched an email campaign to Ministers & MPs to highlight that Canada has an extradition treaty with Hong Kong and to denounce this horrendous law that breaches the Sino-British Joint Declaration and seeks to impose jurisdiction on international communities (15k reach)
  • (July 2) Met with senior advisors from Prime Minister’s Office, to discuss Canada’s extradition treaty to Hong Kong, as well as the implications of the National Security Law for Canada and Canadians in Hong Kong
  • (July 3) Celebrated that Canada banned sensitive military exports to Hong Kong and suspended the Canada-Hong Kong extradition treaty, meeting one of our five demands & campaign goals

Resettlement programs for Hong Kongers

Got lots of coverage in national and regional media!

  • (June 17) Met with senior officials of Global Affairs about immigration and refugee options and the challenges Hong Kongers face
  • (June 24) Met with Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs and senior officials from Global Affairs about the National Security Law and Immigration and Refugee needs of Hong Kongers who now face persecution
  • (June 26 – July 7) Submitted a detailed policy brief on immigration and resettlement to senior officials of the Immigration and Refugees and the Global Affairs department; and senior advisors of the Prime Minister’s Office & Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, as well as to every MP and Senator
  • (July 2) Meeting with Immigration department’s policy director to go over ACHK’s immigration brief in detail
  • (July 2) Met with senior advisors from Prime Minister’s Office to talk about ACHK’s resettlement policy brief

Magnitsky Sanctions

Got lots of coverage in national and regional media!

  • (July 3 – 8) Submitted a sanction list to MPs and Minister Champagne for consideration
  • (July 10) Released the sanction list to the public
  • (July 14) Launched a joint letter with nearly 100 signatories calling for sanctions, with MPs from every major political party, solidarity from Uyghur, Tibetian, Chinese, and Hong Konger community groups in Canada

Other Campaigns and Milestones

  • (July 7) ACHK members have met with MPs from all major political parties (Liberals, Conservatives, BQ, NDP, & Greens)
  • (July 7) Launched an email campaign to urge the MPs of SDIR committee to reconvene (33k reach)
  • (July 11) Celebrated that SDIR committee has reconvened to study the human rights atrocities happening in occupied East Turkestan
  • (July 13) ACHK, along with Toronto Association for Democracy in China and Amnesty International Canada, presented a commemorative wreath on the Liu Xiaobo’s Empty Chair Memorial in Ottawa
  • (June 1 – July 14) Hosted three private skills sharing webinars on advocacy, education on Canadian political parties, and community engagement